August 25, 2009

Destroyer//English Music

Once I played Destroyer for my dad and he was like, “Oh. It’s David Bowie circa Hunky Dory.”

OK, dad, you’ve got a point. But I still love the biting lyrics and meandering pop of what is basically Dan Bejar’s solo project (he’s also in The New Pornographers). His albums vary in arrangement and orchestration, but are, in my experience, always good.

Andrew gave us Destroyer on the same ridiculous weekend in Toronto when we discovered The Hidden Cameras. Am I really going to be able to resist a dude from Vancouver who has a song called “Farrar, Straus & Giroux”? No. I’m not. And I’m also not sure I’ve ever wanted to visit Canada’s Pacific Northwest more than I do when listening to Destroyer.

On top of all that, this album is really so fucking good through and through that it’s extremely difficult for me to select just one song for you. I keep changing my mind. After my fourth period of FTP switch, I’m going with the old reliable “English Music,” because that’s what this blog is all about: old reliable. The song that never fails you.

English Music.mp3

Everyone has got a finder's fee.
Find something difficult to do and do it
Your English music, write your English music,
Write your English music, run free!
She tasted of the Christmas wines and said,
So many things have run through me.
I know
The altar boys, they just want to do me,
And that's fine.
You gotta have faith.

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