July 27, 2009

Coeur de Pirate//Commes Des Enfants

Monday Mail Comments
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Back on OSS’s first birthday, a few readers commented in suggesting I check out Coeur de Pirate.

Frederik said:
Oh, and for more upcoming French-Canadian talent-maybe you know her already- check out pirate de coeur. Saw her this weekend and it was pretty awesome.

And Ellen agreed:
And I second pirate de coeur, she is great.

Well, I did…and she’s awesome. Thanks for the tip, guys.

Here’s a bit more from Quit Before it Melts:

Her explanation on why she records under a pseudonym (which loosely translates to, “Heart of Pirate”; merci Monsieur Benchina pur les instructiones de français) is a little more vague: “A pirate is someone who doesn’t care about anything, and I think that’s similar to musicians in general. They write about what they feel and don’t expect anything in return.”

This song is so so beautiful, with Béatrice Martin’s gorgeous vocals coming to a stunning and very moving build at the end. Martin, who hails from Montreal, sings delicately in French.

I think perhaps that the universe was lining up to introduce me to Coeur de Pirate’s music; Palmyra just joined up to contribute to a film soundtrack that she is also contributing to. Interested? Check out Sneakers and Soul here.

Commes Des Enfants.mp3

Want to hear more Coeur de Pirate and maybe catch a date?

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