June 17, 2009

The Tallest Man on Earth//The Gardener

When we went to see John Vanderslice play on Friday night at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, I was genuinely pretty disappointed with how he sounded. I had been super excited to hear his big five-piece rock band setup. Unfortunately, unlike some of his outstanding live shows I had seen previously, this band seemed to just flatten his songs, making them all sound kind of the same and well, kind of boring. Also, am I the only one who felt like JV was a bit cracked out? He seemed manic onstage. Maybe he’s just not used to THE ROCK.

REGARDLESS, one great thing about going to see JV on Friday was getting to see his opener, The Tallest Man On Earth. I’ve been reading some interesting things about him lately and the fact that he’s out with one of my idols speaks volumes in his favor.

We caught the tale-end of this Swede’s set (man—lots of Swedes here lately) and Karl remarked, on the money as usual, that he had seemingly captured the essence of Bob Dylan, without stealing too much or sacrificing his originality. Indeed, TTMOE was just Kristian Matsson and his guitar, a strangely charismatic combination. Matsson, who sports a thin mustache and an old timey James Dean-like look, belted his heart out throughout his rousing folk songs.

Perhaps this song is simply about hiding your dark secrets or your past so you can stay perfect in the eyes of the one who loves you. But I like to take the more literal interpretation in this case—that it’s literally about killing the competition…and then burying the competition in a garden and watching the competition grow into beautiful flowers. That’s way more jaunty.

The Gardener.mp3

I sense a runner in the garden,
Although my judgement’s known to fail
Once built a steamboat in a meadow,
Cuz I'd forgotten how to sail.

I know the runner's going to tell you
There ain't no cowboy in my hair,
So now he's buried by the daisies
So I could stay the tallest man in your eyes, babe.


joris said...

exactly the same reason I adore this song. Especially the last part where he's found it soothing and it's become part of who he is. The song works both ways but I prefer the darker version :)

haven't seen him live yet but I'm really curious.

tuff guy said...

i usually dont listen to this type of music but when i heard this song, i had to listen to more i havent felt this way since i heard jim morrison and the doors, this is the type of song you listen to if you want to relax like at the beach, anyways hes very tallented :)