May 11, 2009

Wild Years//I'm Not Coming Out

Good Morning. And what hast the postman wrought?
What is Monday Mail?

Now if you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for the Ace Deuce (for those out of the know, Ann Arbor), thanks to my five+ year tenure. Of course, that made me pay a little extra attention to this email from Alex, who wrote this:

We're Wild Years. A folksy/indie band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We just self released a new EP and unlike our last ones, which we gave away for free, we're trying to sell them.
Here I'm sending you a digital copy along with some art work in hope that maybe you'll like it, and maybe will want to post one of the songs one day. Anyways, I like the songs you post. You got good tastes.

Flattery will get you nowhere, Alex. Er. Wait…

KIDDING. Wild Years is here because they’re good, not because they’re from Ann Arbor (where I had a number of wild years! haha. ha. uh.) and like OSS. When Alex says folksy/indie, you should be thinking folksy/indie/lofi/melancholy, like Sebadoh or Smog; pretty double-tracked vox music to hang your head and shuffle your feet by.

This track is on their new EP, Where’d You Go?

I’m Not Coming Out.mp3

If I still lived in the mitten, I’d be heading to their Trumbellplex show, for sure! If you’d like to know more, you can find it all out here. Also, you heard the man. They’re trying to sell some albums, so help them out with that.

I’m not coming out
Until there is a crowd
Out there waiting for me.

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