May 13, 2009

David Bowie//Suffragette City

Another song my dad liked singing to me as a child…
Where is Suffragette City? Some people have claimed that it’s San Fransisco—although I’m not sure why and the internet has yet to substantiate this. Lucretia Mott? Alice Paul? Elizabeth Caty Stanton? ANYBODY? If no one can give me the history lesson, I’m just going to have to keep believing that it’s a fictional city in David Bowie’s mind.

Do I have to say anything about David Bowie. You guys know who he is, right? Right?

This song is a 70s glam classic, by the freaking King of Glam, himself. Although, just because it catches the spirit of protopunk and glitter, we shouldn’t discount the awesome Little Richard-esque piano line. And bonus points for the Clockwork Orange reference!

Bottom line: It’s catchy. It’s got fucking incredible guitar tone and super 70s tape sounds. It’s weird like an unlikely image you find yourself fixated on and so, decide to post on your wall, and it makes your room look way better.

Suffragette City.mp3

Oh, don't lean on me, man,
'Cause you can't afford the ticket
Back from Suffragette City.
Oh, don't lean on me, man,
'Cause you ain't got time to check it.
You know my Suffragette City
Is outta sight,
She's all right.


clorivak said...

LOOVE this song! its such a feel good tune. love it.

g said...

It really does FEEL like the 70s, doesn't it?