May 14, 2009


Cornelius is interesting. For one thing, the soundscapes he creates are so lush and vast that you feel like you’ve been transported to a dense and green tropical jungle. For another, he’s got a real knack for employing untraditional instruments for rhythm purposes, like the hard slap of an acoustic guitar. Also cool, the fact that he pairs more jarring electronic elements against beautiful harmonies. From Wikipedia:

The music of Japanese superstar Cornelius could be described as experimental and exploratory, and often incorporates dissonant elements alongside more familiar harmonically "pleasing" sounds. This tension, plus his practice of bringing in sounds and samples from mass culture, pure electronic tones, and sounds from nature (such as on his Point album), lead him to being sometimes categorized as an "acquired taste."

The only bit I disagree with here is the acquired taste part. I think Point is an instantly accessible album, with everything from auditory puns to innovative writing.


Also worthwhile, the weird video.


hautmess said...

oh i remember this song.. thanks for reminding me.. the video is pretty sweet.

g said...

My pleasure, hautmess. Glad you enjoyed.