April 16, 2009

Wiskey Biscuit//Stoner Girl

Last night, I went to a show in Bushwick with some friends. While I was mostly there to see Hospitality (who were pretty awesome), I caught some of the first band too. They reminded me quite a bit of faster, less-countryfied Wiskey Biscuit, so we’re going back in time today to my junior year of high school.

The year was 2000 and I was at Irving Plaza with two friends seeing Elliott Smith on his Figure 8 tour. The show was great. Elliott was a little weird and shy and hiding behind one of those Gilligan-of-Gilligan’s-Island style hats, but he sounded great and I fell in love with his keyboardist.
I didn’t have super high standards in high school.

Wiskey Biscuit was the opening band and although I don’t think they were anything super, super special, I loved them. The lead singer seemed to be on drugs and had really weird hair.
I didn’t have super high standards in high school.

I bought their album and grew obsessed with it. This was one of my favorite tracks and I used to sing it to any of my friends who knew it/had also seen Smith on that tour. Stonnnner Girlllll….

WB was an innocent victim of the mid-90s record label fiascos. Picked up by Geffen in ’93, they were dropped before their debut was even released. Although there’s a claim that they’re releasing a new album in 2006 on their myspace, where they are now, I’m not sure. My first guess is somewhere in LA, wasted.


A girl like that could take advantage.
A girl like that could do some damage.


Anonymous said...

I saw Elliott Smith on the figure 8 tour in Philadelphia at the trocadero, and remember the opening band playing this song. I couldn't remember their name. I remember them playing this song. That was a great show.. thanks for post it brought back a great memory!

g said...

Glad to be of service, grape. It was a special show for me too.