April 17, 2009

Purple Rhinestone Eagle//Sleep, Golden Sleep

ROCK AND ROLL TOUR STYLE [Local! Music! Friday!]!
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Tour, besides being a total blast, also gave me so much new fodder for L!M!F!s, since we played so many shows with such a wide array of Interesting and Talented Bands (and of course, some shows with some not-so-I&TBs, but hey—you win some, you lose some).

Our West Philly show was one of my favorites. Philadelphia house shows almost always feel like party-central, and this was no exception. Both band we played with (the fabulous Dangerous Ponies were also on the bill) were lots of raucous fun.

While I had never heard of them before, Emily tells me Purple Rhinestone Eagle have a somewhat cultish following in the West Philly scene (they used to be local), which was part of why the show was so great. But don’t get me wrong—most of why the show was so great was the fact that this band just rocks. Hard. There’s nothing like seeing intense musical energy in a small closed space, like The Mitten’s sweaty basement. Listening to them, I was hearing tons of weird influences: 60s Psychedelia, 90s Riotgrrl, Sludgy Proto-Metal. PRE sounds like Led Zeppelin meets Bikini Kill and it’s awesome. It was nice to finally hear a band take the Riotgrrl sound forward into the next generation in a way that wasn’t totally derivative. Well done.

All the songs on their newest EP, Amorum Tali, are pretty worth it, but the first track and this one stand out to me. Besides, it’s the weekend. Everyone could use some extra sleep, golden sleep.

Sleep, Golden Sleep.mp3

Purple Rhinestone Eagle’s on tour now, although their NYC date at DBA was a few weeks ago. If you’re in the Midwest or the PacNW, see if you can catch them because their live show is totally sweet.

The shadow passes you,
The shadow passes me.
The darkness falls on us.
We’re drowing in the sea.
Golden sleep falls upon us again.

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