April 23, 2009

Menomena//Wet and Rusting

Let’s all put aside our (MANY) mixed feelings about #AmazonFail for a moment and take a minute to rejoice in their totally free indie music bonanaza. So far I’ve nabbed the Barsuk, Bar/None, Secretly Canadian, Arts and Crafts and Saddle Creek Samplers…and I might go get some more today.

Predictably, I’ve been loving on Barsuk the most so far, as their roster includes many artists I already admire (Hello, John Vanderslice, Mates of State and Death Cab). I’m also enjoying some of the other bands on their comp that I was less familiar with.

Menomena is one of those bands I’ve been trying to like for a while now, but none of their music has successfully captured my attention…until now. This song is so good! I love how the arrangement keeps taking unexpected turns. I love how the melody and the chorus keeps coming back in unexpected ways. I love how I keep hearing unexpected instruments pulling in and out. Word of this song: unexpected! I made you a present/You'll never expect it? Thanks, guys.

And, although the band claims their name is unrelated, who can avoid the cute warm and fuzzy feeling that is elicited by all those happy childhood memories of this?
Certainly, not I.

Wet and Rusting.mp3

It’s hard to take risks
With a pessimist.

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