April 14, 2009

Grizzly Bear//Easier

I think Grizzly Bear was initially an Ali find. She told me I would love them and she was right.

This band’s sound is so pretty and fuzzy (not unlike an American Analog Set or a Beach House). The texture adds much feeling to the already flowing and sentimentally-heavy songwriting.

I was recently reminded of this album last week while on tour. We were driving through naturally pristine New Hampshire on a truly gorgeous sun-soaked day. I was trying to come up with the perfect thing to blast through the (somewhat broken) Volvo speakers and Yellow House came to mind. The warm lofi sound quality combined with the easy lifts and falls were just right for the winding roads, sparkling lakes and fresh spring afternoon. The band recorded this collection in Ed Droste's mother's house (hence the title) in Brooklyn and the home-recording only enriches the feeling you get from listening. Of course, this album would also be perfect for a cold day sitting by a bright rich fire.

Throwing this on the car stereo sparked a conversation between Karl and I about collaborative songwriting.
“I don’t know how to write songs like this,” he said.
I agreed.
I think it might have something to do with a lot of people in a room with lots of ideas, none of them too concrete. Maybe we could all take a lesson from GB about relaxing in regards to our creativity.


Lucky for us, Grizzly Bear’s next full length, Veckatimest, comes out May 26 on Warp Records.

I still care for you.

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