March 10, 2009

The Pixies//I'm Amazed, Atom and His Package//I'm Downright Amazed...

Here's another double, to make up for my absence yesterday.

The word of the day is “amazed” for my amazingly intense (in more ways than one) weekend. Here are two short and sweet songs that tackle the subject in a distinctly different manner.

The first is a super jam from one of my favorite Pixies albums, Surfer Rosa. It leads with one of the most hilarious moments on the album—Kim Deal’s “They were so….quiet about it…”

It’s hard to tell exactly what Black Francis is amazed by—the subject matter is kind of all over the place (shock). That said, I’m amazed when I think about dancing in the halls of East Quad to this and other SR songs with a certain Michael Beauchamp.

The second song came off a sweet, sweet Mordam sampler I got in high school (height of punk era). Adam Goren AKA Atom and His Package was a friend of friends, which is how I came to know about him. Actually, his package (his electronic setup of synths and samplers) was pretty amazing.

It’s pretty obvious what he’s amazed about.

I'm Amazed.mp3

I'm Downright Amazed at What I Can Destroy With Just a Hammer.mp3

Before I died, I took my Honda,
And packed it up, up, up to Arizona!
I'm amazed!
I'm amazed!
I'm amazed!


clorivak said...

Love this beaut of a song..I seen them at their reunion tour in Montreal a few years ago and they played this and blew me completely away!!! Santiago was going nuts, it was glorious!

g said...

So jealous! I missed them on this tour in Detroit, due to car issues. Worst car issues of my life!!!