March 30, 2009

Faded Paper Figures//North by North

No Stamps Required:
What is Monday Mail?

This Monday Mail comes from Michael, a representative of Palm Music Management

As my friends know, I really like when people are upfront about the facts, which is maybe one of the first things that endeared me to this track. Straight shooters, marry me. Michael writes:

Faded Paper Figures released their debut album Dynamo last year on Shorthand Records. The trio from Irvine, CA combine elements of electronica, pop and rock to form an infectious sound that has been compared to The Postal Service, Stars and Hot Chip.

Michael is right. Faded Paper Figures sounds like a pleasant, if a bit overly cute, sandwich comprised of Stars extremely emphatic and earnest vox filling and a little Hot Chip relish, all stuffed into some delicious Postal Service beat and synth-tone bread.

It’s ok to be derivative if you mix and match enough that you come out with something new. And stealing various sounds from various groups doesn’t negate the fact that this song is poppy greatness. Added bonus: they list Jon Brion as an influence on their myspace page.. You guys sure know the way to a girl's heart. The hook does just what it’s supposed to and the lyrics deliver just a slight pinch of melancholy. Yeah, this sandwich is tasty!

North by North.mp3

More about the band here.

You said a long long time ago
you were happy being someone
Let's go far far far from home
I'll be glad to be with someone

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