March 12, 2009

Dead Prez//Hell Yeah

I had the pleasure of having a minute or two of gchat with my good, good friend Angie yesterday. Angie was very much my hip hop guru from the year 2005 to the year 2007 (previously, Nick held the title, introducing me to such classics as The Roots, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, Black Star and more). Angie's influence was felt heavily though, as she frequently churned out car-ready jam-laden mix tapes or party-ready jam-laden mix CDs for immediate enjoyment and consumption.

This song certainly reached me through one of these channels, while my consciousness of Dead Prez may have been fully formed through inebriated viewings of The Dave Chappelle Show (also with Angie, and K$).

This song is awesome because the beat uses a sweet distorted electric guitar. While the rhymes obviously paint the picture of a very bleak and distinctly American situation, it's also awesome because it lays out a list of great means to scam ("bang on") our flawed modern system. Here are some (particularly interesting in this recession?) ways Dead Prez suggest it be done:

1. Rob a pizza delivery boy.
2. Engage in credit card fraud.
3. Con social workers into supplying extra government assistant.
4. Pull money out of the register or steal products from a menial service industry job. Since this money is stolen cash, there is an added bonus of it being tax-free.

Last point: K$ always loved this song because it had the word "caper" in it.
For more details on pulling off these capers and more, listen to the track.

Hell Yeah.mp3

Don't put me on dishes,
I'm droppin' them bitches
And takin' all day long to mop the kitchen.
Shit, we ain't gettin' paid commission,
Minimum wage modern day slave conditions
Got me flippin' burgers with no power;
Can't even buy one off what I make in an hour.
I'm not one to kiss ass for the top position.
I take mine off the top like a politician.


E. said...

this is used in 'megatroid mix' a 48 minute collaboration between diplo and dj shadow.

One Song said...

Thanks for the extra info. Definitely puts a little context there, which is nice.