March 11, 2009

The Avalanches//Frontier Psychiatrist

This song has recently resurfaced into my consciousness via the shuffle feature on my iPod (oh yes, I am in love). It really takes me back to my first year of college, being easily amused by things, hanging out in dorm rooms and underage drinking. Oh, those were the days.

What’s amazing about this song, besides it’s extreme catchy-ness and hilarious soundbites, is the obvious attention to detail that went into its creation. It sounds like some editor did a bunch of speed and worked on it night and day for three weeks, until every carefully discovered sample was perfectly in place. What I’m saying is that the song holds. Bonus: you can dance to it!

Although this isn’t the Australian Avalanches best known tune (that award probably goes to the also-catchy super-hooky “Since I Left You”), it’s my favorite by a mile.

As for the current state of the group, it’s largely unknown. Promises of a forthcoming second album of “ambient world music” expand into perpetuity with infrequent and vague web updates. Where are they now? Hard to say. Where am I now? Certainly not wasted in a dorm room on smuggled-in Boone’s Farm. But it still sounds good!

Frontier Psychiatrist .mp3

That boy needs therapy.


Anonymous said...

"Although this isn’t the Austrian Avalanches best known tune [...]"

You really had me there for a second, being from Austria myself.

g said...

Oh no! My bad! Typo corrected. Sorry to get your national pride riled up without warrant...

Tim said...

If you like Avalanches...

Check out my newly discovered favourites

"Alchemists of Sound" mad sample scientists of the highest order :)