February 6, 2009

Louise Attaque//Amours

(Perhaps) lucky for you, I decided to abandon my SF punk theme. Yes, yes, I’ll save the Buzzcocks track I had poised next on the playlist for another day…a rainy day. A day that needs SF Punk.

Quel dommage! Let’s switch gears and go to a more French-speaking place. Actually, I found out about this band in High School French class and was instantly interested, since they were self-proclaimed Violent Femmes fanatics. You can definitely hear the influence. It’s also apparent in their name( Violent is to Attaque as Femme is to Louise). You know they must be dedicated if they got Gordon to produce some of their albums.

This song is a bit raucous and upbeat, but also sophisticated (hey, they're French!)—a perfect way to start your weekend!


Amour, serait-ce un jeu
d'enfants à crier tout'l temps ?

Personal translation:
Love is the game of a child
Who yells all the time.


Michaude said...
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Michaude said...

I used to go to a bar where they played this song. Ah the nostalgia.