February 19, 2009

CocoRosie//Terrible Angels

I’ll be perfectly candid about this: I think CocoRosie is a kind of a sham. Most of the time, it just seems like they got really high, covered their faces in glitter and pushed some buttons on a those electronic toys that make animal sounds while strumming acoustic guitar and whispering inane nonsense about Santa Claus and other miscellany. Caveat: I’m down for the freak folk thing in fits and spurts, which probably has something to do with why I feel this way.

Anyway, all trash talk aside, I really do like the lofi weirdness and the bizarre lyrics of this song. It also sounds different in a way in which I can find some value.

A the height of its popularity (circa 2005) amongst a certain group of friends, it would come on a lot at low key hang out sessions.
Ryan always used to say, “IS every angel terrible? DO I welcome them?”
It does make you wonder…

Terrible Angels.mp3

They got angelic tendencies,
Like some boys tend to act like queens.

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