January 22, 2009

Joe Jackson//It's Different for Girls

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Now, back to the business of songs:
I spent most of my day yesterday in Tiny Cup. Even though I was working, no complaints. I love Tiny Cup! Various friends stopped by! They played a series of awesome songs, including gems from Leonard Cohen, PJ Harvey and The Band.

This song, one that I’ve been thinking about here for a while, also got played.

I don’t know much about Joe Jackson, besides that he was a British new wave-ish artist. Wikipedia tells me he now lives in Berlin. My stepmom tells me that he came off as an asshole when she saw him on tour in the 80s. What I can tell you is that this song is awesome.

It’s Different for Girls.mp3

Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?
(Yes, yes I do.)


advochasty said...

Wow! I loved Joe Jackson in the '80's. Can't say as I know a ton about him but I really liked listening to his stuff then.

Congrats on your Bloggie nomination!! I try and do a thing with music on my blog and am always on the lookout to update my calcified boomer ways, so I appreciate your "song-a-post" approach. Thanks!!!

Jackie said...

My boyfriend said Joe Jackson was a jerk too when he met him backstage after a show.
My favorite song is "Steppin' Out."

Stephen Wait said...

Love Joe Jackson - Have pretty much all his stuff - Actually a couple of his more recent live stuff is some off his best

Maggie said...

I saw him perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year, and he was amazing, very energetic and engaging to the audience. He seemed like a very nice guy. His favorite song of mine is "Rush across the Road".

g said...

I love that Joe Jackson inspired such a range of comments. Thanks for the feedback, guys!