January 12, 2009

Jenny Wilson//A Hesitating Cloud of Despair

Monday, Monday, Monday. What better way to start the week than with weird dark Swedish pop stuff? No better way, that I can think of, anyway.

I think Jenny Wilson was an Angelina find. If you know Ange, this makes a whole lotta sense. Wilson is sort of poppy, sort of sardonic, sometimes danceable and extra weird. This is Ange’s favorite combo: weird and fun. Wilson also has a pretty serious The Knife connection (she’s signed to their label and turns up on tracks from time to time).

This song is about the moment between childhood and adulthood where you notice how everything sucks. The end of youth; the beginning of decay—or at least, the beginning of this perception. Of course, the fact is that the depressing decay was always there and in a way, this revelation is perhaps even more depressing.
Obviously, Wilson finds a more eloquent, narrative and poetic way to say this than I just did.

A Hesitating Cloud of Despair.mp3

Wilson's second solo album, Hardships, is due out in February 2009.

Let's steal some wine, mom won't notice anything.
And while the music melted down,
We heard her steps, she was staggering.
We were bored, but you know,
You're not supposed to play at that age.


Anonymous said...

this song made my day better x2 or so. thanks!

One Song said...

hell yeah! preach the good word of jenny wilson!