January 5, 2009

Deerhunter//Never Stops

It’s a new year and OSS is back in business.

I’d like to kick off the first regular post of ’09 with a track off the album that I’ve been obsessed with for the last few weeks, Microcastle, by Deerhunter.

I will admit, I never really wanted to give Deerhunter a chance, because of their name.
“Oh, another animal band,” I thought. Panda Bear. Grizzly Bear. Wolf Eyes. Wolf Parade. Fleet Foxes. Owls. The Bird and The Bee. This is really getting old, guys.
I thought some more. “Not just another animal band…another DEE/AR band!” Deerhoof (who, for the record, I really love). Deertick. Lonely, Dear. COME ON, INDIE ROCKERS, COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW!

Anyway, once I got over my case of Acute Band Stigma To Animal Incorporated Names (ABSTAIN), thanks in large part to the urging of "dear" (haha-get it?!?!) friend Angelina, I learned that I loved Deerhunter. Their weird/distressed soundscapes, depressing-ass lyrics and very catchy choruses cannot be beat. Thanks, Atlanta. Thanks, Angelina. Thanks, animal names. This OSS post is brought to you by The Letter A and The Animal Deer.

Never Stops.mp3

I had dreams
That frightened me awake.

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