January 19, 2009

Death Cab for Cutie//We Laugh Indoors

Ok. Enough with the extended music inside jokes. Back to business…and the current business is the business of winter.

It’s been cold this year. The northeast has been blanketed with a fair amount of snow, especially compared to recent years past. All this pretty white frosting puts me in the mood for (in addition to ridiculous spontaneous snowball fights in Fort Greene) Death Cab for Cutie.

The Photo Album is one of my favorite winter albums and most certainly one I return to perennially, despite the fact that I am clearly opening myself up to the classic “Hey Emo Kid, how’s your girlfriend?” put-downs. Emo’s generally not my thing, but I do make certain exceptions…and the catchy hooks and biting wordplay of Ben Gibbard counts as an exception.

My first exposure to Death Cab was through Jill. She put this song on the February mix (February ’02, mind you) and also made me a copy of this album. I’ve never really liked any Death Cab stuff as much as I liked this album, which I listened to on repeat through what I can conclusively say was the most depressing winter I’ve ever survived. The music fit perfectly with the mood, which was grey, dreary, desperate, overdramatic and a little pretty, in its own sad way.

We Laugh Indoors.mp3

The days get darker and we wait for the direness to pass.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this song...I had such an urge to listen to it today, and your blog came to the rescue!

g said...

glad to be of help!