January 8, 2009

Common//The Corner

This morning, on the way to work, there was a joint Common/Kanye track ("Punch Drunk Love") on Sirius. I said, “I think Common’s flow is kinda lazy, but I really like when he does stuff with Kanye West.” James said, “Yeah. It’s too lazy. But they balance each other out.” And you know what? That’s true. They balance each other out.

This conversation reminded me of the song that got me to check out Common in the first place, which was also a West collab (and a Last Poets, the group my dad loves to refer to as THE FIRST RAP BAND, collab).

This track has that classic West production—looped old, pitch modified soul sample, bass and beat snaking around and through it. Mr. West delivers the choral hook, Last Poets deliver the sermon-like proclamations and Common keeps to his relaxed flow, which is just a few steps away from being TOO relaxed here. Perfection.

The Corner.mp3

Now I roll in a Olds with windows that don't roll,
Down the roads where cars get broke in and stole.

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