December 11, 2008

Sebastian Tellier//Divine

I first heard Sebastian Tellier, who has worked with the likes of Air and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk, when I was eating brunch at Ethan’s apartment in Greenpoint. Annie was in town and she cooked for us. I’m pretty sure Hurricane Hanna was also in town. I kept saying “hurri-cainn!!!” over and over again. It started off as endearing and rapidly turned to obnoxious, I think, which I find that many of my jokes have a tendency to do.

Tellier’s music from his newest album sounds exactly like late 70s/early 80s gay porn soundtrack—but it’s actually quite good, probably mostly because he’s French. In fact, the music is so…uh….suggestive (uh…the album is called SEXUALITY!) that Tellier himself has considered licensing it out to a tasteful porn flick. You go, girl.


Tellier plays a show tonight at Le Poisson Rogue. If I wasn’t totally sleep-deprived and over-extended at this moment, I’d say you’d definitely see me there. Under the current circumstances though, there will definitely be odds.

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