December 18, 2008

The Flaming Lips//Thank You, Jack White..., The Raconteurs//Salute Your Solution

To further get everyone into the “Holiday Spirit,” I want to remind you that we all have plenty to be thankful for this year with a double whammy OSS today.

One thing we should all be particularly thankful for is Detroit rock hero and perhaps purveyor of the grittiest vox in indie rock, Jack White. Take it from the seemingly happiest man in indie rock (and maybe alive), Wayne Coyne!

The first song is (unsurprisingly) about how Jack White once gave Wayne Coyne a light-up Jesus (how timely!) backstage while Flaming Lips were on tour with Beck (I WAS AT THIS SHOW AND WE WERE SITTING RIGHT NEAR MEG AND JACK, HILARIOUSLY). I like how this song is just a funny inside joke that The Flaming Lips actually decided to release as a B-Side. The song also perpetuates The White Stripes Brother and Sister Hoax—FUN!

I also like how vividly I remember the actual referenced show. I think it was at the Detroit Opera House. Oh, yes, The Michigan Daily tells me that it was. (good memory, amid all that college binge drinking, g). Flaming Lips had all those people dressed up in animal costumes on stage with them and it was during Beck’s big “sad phase.” This was the time that Michael Beauchamp “smoked” a cigarette because he thought it was a funny joke. I don’t think he actually lit it. Oh, it was hilarious. Tash, Dan, Als, Jill and Soma were there also, I believe. Actually, I know Jill was there because I think I went with her in the Honda and we had to berate the Honda to get it to start. “FUCK YOU, HONDA, YOU WORTHLESS AND TERRIBLE CAR! YOU’LL NEVER START! YOU’LL NEVER GET US TO DETROIT!” Was this also the night that The Mistake/Charles In Charge awkwardly demanded a ride, painted his face like Beck and acted terrible the whole time? Yes, I believe it was.

Thank You, Jack White (For The Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me).mp3

Now for another gift from Jack White--The Raconteurs.

I’ve basically been addicted to this song (and it’s catchy melody and amazing word-play) for the last week. It’s in my head pretty much constantly.

Salute Your Solution.mp3

Well, I got what I got all despite you,
And I get what I get just to spite you.

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Brickhouse said...

Oh my goodness! Why is this the best Wayne Coyne's voice has ever sounded? lol. Thanks for uploading the Mp3.