December 4, 2008

Chuck Berry//Your Driver, Spoon//Idiot Driver, The White Stripes//Big 3 Killed My Baby, The Anniversary//D in Detroit

Hey again, guys. Know how the car companies just asked for a giant bailout!?!?! You probably do.

The state of the American Auto industry is something I’ve always kept half an eye on, ever since my six-year stay in Michigan educated me to the peculiarities of the its culture (yes, execs and employees of different companies did segregate out into different neighborhoods—a tidbit I learned from Detroit aficionado, Dan Faichney) and economy. Indeed, Michigan, and more specifically Detroit, is like a mini ecosystem where the car is the only food in town and shit! Now all the cars are dying out! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!?!?

In honor of all the good, bad and the ugly of The Big Three and beyond, please accept these four sweet songs (playing a little catch up for upcoming vacation from internets):

I Want to be Your Driver

This song, which was put on a mix for me by one good, good friend, Emily Bate, harkens back to the good old days of the automobile. Shiny chrome! What a fine machine! AND IT REALLY COOKS!

This song may be a metaphor for…something? What do you think?

I Want to be Your Driver.mp3

Idiot Driver

And then…the hoard descended and everyone needed a fly ride! The highways swarmed and grew congested. You wanted to hit that souped up Honda next to you at full ramming speed!


Idiot Driver.mp3

The Big Three Killed My Baby

What would this post be without this song? Nothing, that’s what.

Those greedy sons-a-bitches keep churning out the shitty cars and ruining the lives of honest Americans, poisoning the environment, getting into bed with corrupt oil companies and generally sucking hard. At least they didn’t take your first born…or kill your spouse….er….nevermind.

The Big Three Killed My Baby.mp3

D in Detroit

Oh, as if killing your baby wasn’t enough…let’s not forget an entire destroyed city! Detroit was once the third largest metropolis in the country. It is now a burnt-out shell of urban hell. Your taxes, about to be hard at work.

This band is a guilty pleasure that I can trace back to high school. They're so good...for emo!

D in Detroit.mp3

Now will somebody please throw these guys some dollars!


katherine said...

but what about sufjan stevens's "detroit, lift up your weary head!"??

One Song said...

see michigan week!