November 25, 2008

Modest Mouse//Wild Packs of Family Dogs, Golden Shoulders//Friends and Family

Only two days until Thanksgiving, guys!!!! You know what that means! It’s time to celebrate the things we are the absolutely most thankful for in this world. Now I know you know what that means!
I know what you’re thinking: “What’s that, g? It’s OSS’s medical marijuana week? It’s OSS’s shitloads of money week? It’s OSS’s vegan ho-hos week? It’s OSS’s micro-brew week? It’s OSS’s roller coaster week? It’s OSS’s tropical beach vacation abroad week? It’s OSS’s fine French cheese week? It’s OSS’s short-selling appreciation week? It’s OSS’s reckless gambling week? It’s OSS’s porn week? It’s OSS’s your mom’s prescription to vicodin week? It’s OSS’s European backpacking week? It’s OSS’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas week (Nope! But good idea!)? “
You guys are terrible with your vices. I’m so disappointed. Damn. Get your minds out of the gutter! Seriously. This is America. We’re wholesome here, in case you didn’t notice!

Without further ado: It’s Friends and Family Week here at OSS. And why is that? It’s because we love our friends and family the most. Even more than…er…medical marijuana. So for the next two days you get double the amazingly good friends and family –themed tracks (to make up for the four day weekend, which of course, we’re also thankful for) and we give them to you at the same rate as our friends and family. Which is everyone’s rate. Which is free. Because at OSS, you’re always valued like kin.

Whenever I think of Modest Mouse, I think of Michael Beauchamp, who is the kind of friend I consider family. This is one of my favorite Modest Mouse songs off of what is definitely my favorite Modest Mouse album, The Moon and Antarctica. It’s a weird and hauntingly beautiful composition about a roving and magically bizarre pack of wild dogs and a human family’s equally strange response to their loitering (Dad shoots, Sis gets eaten, Mom cries, Dad gets laid off and our narrator’s just waiting for the pack to take him away).

Wild Packs of Family Dogs.mp3

Golden Shoulders is a little band out of California that I became acquainted with through the State’s Rights’ Bro Zone Comp (which also features friend Super Jib Kidder). Their songs are really catchy and enjoyable--I would highly recommend. Even more auspiciously, this song is off an album called KIN—and they have another album called Friendship is Deep. Can you think of better representatives for our first Friends and Family Week? I can’t!

Friends and Family.mp3

All my friends and my family are
Remarkable people;
They are nothing like the creeps in this town.

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