November 10, 2008


This weekend, Emily and I went to a riotgrrrl coverband show in West Philly. We wore our sunglasses. We were emotionally unavailable. How apt.

There was a Hole coverband (it was a loose definition of riotgrrrl). They played this song, and while I am not really a huge Hole fan, IT WAS RIGHTEOUS!!!!


When I went to school
In Olympi ya ya ya ya ya!


Katherine Kornas said...

i was just in olympia! sort of. more like passing through en route to seattle. however! i totally thought about this song when i was doing it!

One Song said...

that's awesome! i can't help but think of angelina's version of this song when i hear it.

rebecca for moderns said...

omg. 7th grade. you were awful but nice.