October 30, 2008

Fairport Convention//Tam Lin, Crazy Man Michael

A little off-topic SSP, Palmyra got a really nice review on The Odd Notes yesterday. Can I in good conscience tell you to check it out? Not sure. But I am, anyway.

Moving on, to shift gears a little (Punk: no, British: yes), here’s a band I really loved when I was in middle school, in part to my dad’s influence (Leif and Liege is one of those albums I plan to steal from my parent’s basement, as soon as they’re not looking), and that I still somehow love now. Also, it’s Mischief Night, so let’s get back to our weird pagan roots with a couple of songs (yep—today’s a two-fer. I’m taking tomorrow off from the internets to prep for my Halloween party) from Fairport Convention.

Fairport Convention is a weird happening, because their sound combines elements of folk (almost all the songs they play are old English folk songs that tell amazing stories), psychedelia (twas the time for trippiness) and what I think is really proto-heavy metal (do you hear that chord prog in “Tam Lin”?!). Combined with the skillful arrangement and instrumentation of the band members (including Richard Thompson) and Sandy Denny’s totally killer voice, this style is overwhelmingly original.

Tam Lin.mp3

Crazy Man Michael.mp3

Mp3s down by request.

Also, I can’t help but note that bands like previous OSS feature White Magic owe a lot to bands like Fairport, and others of this time and style, including Pentangle.

But tonight is Hallowe'en,
And the faery folk ride.

Get your costume on! Send me pictures! Furthermore, will I really pull Morrissey off? Yet to be seen.

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