September 5, 2008

Seven Chakraz//Glitter Wars

[Local! Music! Friday!]
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

The 7Cs are close friends of close friends, and for this, I am glad—because I may have never heard them otherwise. Before I heard the music, I was definitely skeptical. What kind of a name is Seven Chakraz? Seriously.

MY BAD. The 7Cs are easily one of the most fun live acts I have seen. In addition to just being totally sweet people, all the Chakraz have mad SKILLZ—although I have an admitted bias toward Nikki P’s amazing voice, flow and presence. While this is a little evident in my track selection, it’s not meant to discount from the talent of the other members. They all have distinctive styles and strengths that balance well in recordings and on stage.

Whether you’re hanging out on the Nick and Kirsten’s porch drinking a forty or hanging out in the Blind Pig drinking an Old Style, 7Cs do not disappoint.

Glitter Wars.mp3

You can hear more tracks highlighting live performances and all the members here.

Raise a PBR to the weekend.

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rebecca for moderns said...

all your song selections are hotties. maybe one day you can make a super hottie best-of jam mix and post it so we can all burn cds, put them in our cars, and drive around feeling like you (=hottie).