September 25, 2008

Matthew Friedberger//Bet You Don't!!!

Matthew Friedberger is half of my favorite brother/sister duo and also most likely crazy. Or on drugs (my guess: speed+hallucinogen cocktail). While this is pure speculation on my part, I can’t imagine anyone in their “right” mind being able to produce the kind of sounds and lyrics that this man manages to conjure up.

Friedberger, who released a double solo album in 2006 to keep from getting bored while waiting for Eleanor to be ready to make another FF album, concocted a glorious disc of noisey weirdness and another glorious disc of poppy weirdness. He mixed the album with the music high and the vox low, so that it sounded like listening to it in a car in the summer time (which is super annoying, if you do happen to be listening to it in a car). Regardless, this idea tugs at my heartstrings, as I believe this is prime music-listening space.

Bet You Don't!!!.mp3

I got a broken and contrite heart.

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