August 22, 2008

Melting Moments//Saw You at the Party

[Local! Music! Friday!]
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

In honor of my Ann Arbor visit, I thought I would feature one of my favorite A2 local bands today. Melting Moments is Anna Vitale, Best Poet in Ann Arbor 2004? and Jason Voss, We’re Twins founder. Both Anna and Jason are also involved in WCBN, one of my favorite radio stations ever.

Melting Moments is a really fun band to see live. Anna’s awesome lyrics and fun casio beats paired with Jason’s tough indie guitar riffs always make their shows raucous dance parties. This song brings back many fond Totally Awesome House and Black Elk memories:

Saw You at the Party.mp3

Open the door for me because I’ve lost all my arms.

Go ahead and dance around; it’s Friday.

1 comment:

web diversions said...

is that aleise on the drum???

a.v. is a goddess. long live the vitale! they kicked king cobra's asses at that show!