July 21, 2008

Aesop Rock//No Regrets

Listening to Aesop Rock reminds me of driving around during the summer of 2006, blaring hip hop mixtapes out of my silver two-door piece-of-shit Hyundai, going to the lake with all my friends for a day of swimming or making a run across state lines to buy illegal fireworks. Those were the days.

This song happens to capture not only an excellent summertime groove, but also a lot of deep reflection on what it means to be an artist or an outcast in our modern society. This song is about purpose and viewing your life as an opportunity to actualize a vision. Of course, the perfectly crafted lyrics also make note of the isolation that can come with this drive. The creative in all of us can identify with Lucy’s plight, which is at once pretty and a bit melancholy.

No Regrets.mp3

You can catch Aesop Rock live at McCarren Park Pool on August 17th. He’s also on tour this summer elsewhere in the US.

Now, get to the lake for me.

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